Assessment & Treatment for Stress and Nutritional Imbalances
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Nutrition Assessments with Body Response Testing


The Comprehensive Nutritional Assessment (CNA) is a relaxed, comfortable process.

  • Family and personal health history are combined with available lab work to get the full picture of your situation.
  • A Mental/Emotional Stress Assessment helps determine how stressful your life is and if more strategies are needed.
  • A Toxicity Questionnaire determines if specific cleansing is important.
  • We do a number of Functional tests for Adrenal and Thyroid Glands, Saliva pH, Oxygen blood saturation and Blood Type.
  • We strength test all your organs and glands to determine their levels of stress, by body response testing
  • Your scan also checks for parasites, bacteria, viruses, mold/fungusheavy metalschemical toxins, scar tissue, drainage and elimination and digestion.

During the scan, your body responds to queries from the doctor.  This provides answers that can help you make better health decisions.  This can support your inner connection, and give confirmation about the symptoms you’ve been experiencing BEFORE they progress to a disease or major condition. If you weren’t aware of problems, the assessment brings imbalances to your attention, so you can take timely action. It is much easier to correct an imbalance than a problem, and even easier to prevent than to correct problems. Being proactive is part of a healthy and responsive lifestyle, and we give you the tools to do that.

As powerful as that is, we can take you even further.  We conduct a second scan to test your body’s unique response to specific nutritional formulations, from a vast selection of whole food, cold processed (enzyme rich), professional grade supplements.

Lastly, we find a number of matches, based on biocompatibility information, our clinical experience, the case information you give us,  and our understanding of the various formulations.  This third scan reveals the protocol that is the most compatible with your body, the one that rebalances the imbalances we initially found.

No more guess work about the quality of the supplements, how your body will respond, or how many supplements it will take to get the job done. We’ve saved our clients thousands of dollars by using only the most effective supplements, indicated by their body’s own responses!

We recommend you allow 90 minutes for the full assessment, and bring a list of current meds, supplements and your most recent lab work, if you have it.

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Your body is energetically connected with the outside world and constantly in communication with itself. The primary function of this communication is to maintain overall health and functionality.  Biocommunication between your body and the doctor uses this connection and interaction.  This is a breakthrough method for ‘listening to’ and ‘communicating with’ your body.

By interacting energetically with your body, the doctor will essentially ‘ask your body questions’ and record your body’s responses or ‘answers’.  You can see and feel these responses as they are happening.  Information gathered in this way can help you be more proactive about your health and help you and your healthcare provider make better decisions regarding your healthcare.

Body response testing does not diagnose or treat conditions, it simply provides information that should be considered by a qualified healthcare professional in determining a course of action to support your body’s function.

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