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Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

NSA is a light touch spinal technique that yields powerful results. On the cutting edge of healing technologies, NSA is one of the few healing techniques that has been independently researched to find what works for patients. Based on that information, it has been refined continuously since 1979 to produce significant changes for the client.

What Changes Can I Expect?

Yes, you can expect the physical tensions and pains to be relieved. And much more…

Over 2800 participants in a world wide study at the University of California, Berkeley reported that NSA care helped them start and continue other positive health habits.

Clients also reported more body awareness and flexibility and less stress relative to work, family, and coping with daily problems.

In addition, clients consistently reported more life enjoyment, improved quality of life in very specific areas and improved emotional and psychological wellbeing in some surprising ways.

For a summary of the study, Click Here

How Is It Possible?

Your central nervous system is your brain and spinal cord.  It is housed inside your skull and spinal column, coordinating every single function in your body. It is the telephone system of the body and mind, because the cells in every organ and system use it to communicate with your brain.

Our brain takes in all the news and decides what needs to happen for healing, repair and maintenance of all the cells, organs and systems, and how they need to coordinate with each other.  It also can tell the cells how to adapt as the conditions change in your life.

That explains the importance of your nervous system to your physical body, but what about the mental, emotional and spiritual realms?

Your nervous system perceives your physical world through signals from your senses (your sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste).  It is the same nervous system that decides what it all means and how you’re going to respond. Your thoughts, emotions and behaviors are a collection of data that may have been accurate and helpful at some point in time for a similar situation. However, it is just as likely that it is no longer true for your present situation, yet we assign meaning and respond as if the same scenario keeps happening. Operating out of habit can limit our perception and choices in that case. This seems to be the habit of human nature. It does allow us to respond quickly in an emergency.

How can we release this patterning when it is no longer valid? And can we remain loose and curious enough to learn new things from new situations?

When we release the patterning using NSA, we become more aware, connected and awake in the present moment. We are able to see situations for what they are, and respond in new ways. We can better appreciate the gifts in our life and not take them for granted. And we can suddenly see new solutions to problems that may have plagued us for years.

How Does It Work?

We’ve learned a few things since 1895, when chiropractic was first discovered. Instead of just focusing on moving a stuck spinal bone away from a pinched nerve, we’ve found that the way the nerves and spinal bones interact is quite complex.

It’s Like a Computer

If there is a table or a car (misaligned spinal bone) parked on the computer’s power cord (nerve), we need to move it to restore the electrical flow (traditional chiropractic). But that’s not the only way a computer can fail to work properly. Those are hardware (mechanical ) problems, and then there are software (information) problems that can cause dysfunction and lack of ease. The software (information) problems are much more common. It’s important to address each in the appropriate way.

NSA has methods to address both types of problems.

Information is what travels along the nerves, and info is missing when there is a subluxation (misalignment causing interference to the nerve).  With NSA, we’ve learned how to alert the brain and help it become aware of the missing information from these disconnected parts of your body.  We communicate with you, through light touch, over successive visits.  Healing happens when the brain can connect to what’s happening now and reorganize those areas again. It’s very simple–automatic– and anyone can do it.

Not Your Grandfather’s Chiropractic

It’s part of a new concept in healing that doesn’t try to just get you back to where you were before a pain or problem started. We help you evolve to a new and improved, never-before-seen version of yourself. This is called Reorganizational Healing, and NSA is one of the best ways to bring it about.

It is actually easier to do than to explain it. Here is a link that explains more (especially p. 477, bottom right).

What Makes NSA Unique?

There is a wave of breath that moves through the spine when the brain really reconnects with an area of stored tension and lets it go.

Later in care, another type of wave, a body wave, can be experienced.  This is typically when a deeper connection is made to stored energy in the spine.  When it releases, a standing wave (repeating or oscillating) flows through the spine, liberating whole constellations of stored energy in multiple locations, and representing a more profound shift in awareness, behavior and physical structure.

These phenomena have not been seen in other healing arts.  It can occasionally happen spontaneously for people at times in their life when they have a major shift in consciousness. NSA has figured out how to produce it for healing.

Published Research on the Network Wave:

For a list of research published on the Network Wave and Network Spinal Analysis Care Click Here

Demonstration of the Network Wave:

For more Wave demonstration videos Click Here


What Happens During a Network (NSA) Session?

NSA is a low-force method of chiropractic care. There is no twisting, pulling or cracking during the session. The client lies fully clothed on a padded table. Usually they start by lying face down, so the doctor can access their spine. Then they receive a series of gentle touches along the neck and spine that remind the body of its own wisdom to heal and realign itself.

Clients are coached to develop their primary strategies of specific spinal movement, energy flow and breathing fully. This allows their breath, energy and movement to go through their whole spine, top to bottom. Movement creates more body awareness in the brain.  Then our miraculous brain reorganizes its priorities and perceptions based on the new information, operating a new you, in thought and action.  The inner wisdom may inspire you to stretch through an spinal area, move rhythmically, change position or vocalize a tone to help you reconnect fully and integrate the changes.

During and after the session, clients usually report feeling more relaxed, reduction or elimination of pain, more clarity and a brighter outlook–just what you’d expect and hope for when releasing stress and tension.

In the beginning however, some clients are not aware of any changes. This usually happens for a few sessions until they are more able to let go, and learn to notice the subtler changes in their bodies that they have likely been ignoring for many years.

Sessions typically last 20-30 minutes, although every person is treated for their unique situation.

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