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Nutritional Scan and Live, Whole Food Supplement Testimonial

“I was really impressed with the individuality of the scan.  And those are the first vitamins I’ve taken that I could actually feel a difference.  I haven’t even had to address my hormone imbalances separately. Let me tell you, I have spent hundreds of dollars on really […]

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More NSA Testimonials

Results people have had while receiving NSA care: “Sleep is better, even with crazy hours, and I am staying asleep!  I’m also dreaming again, which is so important for a creative person.  It feels like it’s bringing stuff up.  Some of it’s sad, but I’m feeling my […]

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What is a Healing Insight? Actual Examples from Spine Divine

What is a “Healing Insight”? Sometimes there are things that come to us while on the table, at a consult, or later, that are new and helpful. I call these “healing insights.” As our brains reorganize the way they run our bodies, new ways of looking at […]

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