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Dr. Kari Dianich, DC

Kari PinkDr. Kari’s Story ~

“I was very excited to go to my first chiropractor. I was in my early twenties and felt physically healthy, except for some kinks from playing sports. I learned from the doctor that my spine was distorted due to multiple physical traumas throughout the years.

“The most exciting thing for me was the BIG IDEA of chiropractic. I wanted the power turned back on!

The concept of restoring the nerve flow to my body so it could work as nature intended was, and still is, so exciting.

“I had lost faith in the medical profession when I realized that my questions about how to stay healthy and prevent problems went unanswered.  When I got bronchitis every winter, I was treated with antibiotics (even though it might not be a bacterial infection). That was followed by a secondary infection from the antibiotics!  I saw a pattern and wanted a solution that medicine couldn’t seem to supply. I was unconsciously looking for HEALTH care, not sickness or symptom care, and chiropractic was it.

“I felt the traditional, structural chiropractic adjustment “release” my neck, and it felt good, even if I was scared of it. The chronic misalignment in my neck was getting worked out. Over time I also noticed that I didn’t get my annual bronchitis. My body was actually working better, and that was great!

“As I turned 25, I felt uninspired by the life I was living, so I started thinking about chiropractic school. I was a kitchen designer, and I really wanted to do something with my life that would directly help many people to have more quality of life. I didn’t want to be an employee, and I wanted to build something I could be proud of.  My female chiropractor was an inspiring role model of a positive, accomplished life.  I enrolled in chiropractic school as soon as I could finish my prerequisites.

“In chiropractic school, my neck got pretty abused from my fellow students learning to adjust, and the bad posture of studying all the time.

My neck would go “out” at least once or twice a year.  When it did, there was no position that was comfortable, and I couldn’t even turn my head.  Searing pain radiated down my neck into my shoulders.

I learned that I had a “bulging disc” from all the car accidents, sports injuries and studying.

“So I found a DC off campus to get more experienced, consistent care.  I found very skilled doctors, and started working in their office. Now I could get all the free care I could arrange.

“That was when I started getting unexpected results.

“It seemed that the more I got adjusted, the less stable and functional my neck became!  Mind you, I wasn’t getting excessive treatment.  With my full time school  schedule, the most I could manage was 1-2 adjustments each week.  I started feeling that I was moving in the wrong direction.  But I didn’t know an alternative.

“Soon after, I heard from a friend about a chiropractic technique that was completely different, called Network.  Lots of students were excited.

It seemed to offer something more than just pain relief; even more than spinal alignment.  And it was just light touch…Read more

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