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Breathwork is a general name for any specific, conscious breathing technique.  Directing your breath into various parts of your spine and body is one of the main strategies we teach you, to advance your NSA care.  We have several more structured techniques that we use at Spine Divine.

Why is breathwork so important?  Most people do not breath fully.  Reestablishing this natural process has many mind-body benefits. 70% of the body’s toxins are released through breathing.  Biochemical processes require oxygen, and are more efficient with more oxygen present, thereby increasing health and energy. Breathwork increases the alkalinity of the blood and tissues.  It decreases stress and strengthens your immune system.  Breathing fully stimulates the memory centers of the brain.  Participants in breathwork routinely remember pivotal choices made earlier in life, and are able to re-evaluate them for their present life.  Stored emotions are released.

1)  Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) is a simple technique used to connect you to your inherent rhythms, using breath and movement.  Specific statements are used, consistent with the various stages of the healing process.

The result is freeing of old and bound energy, and a mental/emotional shift. Clients consistently report that the changes they experience in their body also reflect in their lives.

We teach every client how to do SRI; it’s included in your care.  Why?  You can significantly advance your care by doing SRI on your own, between visits.

SRI can be powerful on its own.  You can use it to become more aware of the way various stages of  healing feel in your body, and helping to move yourself to the next stage without getting stuck along the way.  We encourage you to do what you can for yourself; it can be very enlightening and empowering.

Individual sessions are also available, in addition to a workbook to guide you through the 12 stages of healing along the way.  Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook, by Donald Epstein, DC

SRI by young people

2)  Transformational Breathwork is a technique of consciously connecting the inhale and exhale.  It has been practiced all over the world for the past 40+ years.  A facilitator guides your breath for approximately an hour, coaching your process through memories, emotional releases, physical sensations and helping you get the most from your session.  During the session, your body can get into a rhythm with the natural breath.  Many people have experienced the place of peace and stillness between their thoughts as a result.  After a session, you can begin using the technique on your own.

Group and individual sessions are available.

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