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More NSA Testimonials

Results people have had while receiving NSA care:

“Sleep is better, even with crazy hours, and I am staying asleep!  I’m also dreaming again, which is so important for a creative person.  It feels like it’s bringing stuff up.  Some of it’s sad, but I’m feeling my feelings more authentically and deeper, and I can sit with them more.”

“Last session I left with no wrist pain, and had an overall calmness.”

” I have more mobility, I feel more balanced, and I feel healthier.  I’m eating healthier.  That’s a big one. ”

” ♥ WOW ♥  It is like therapy, massage and breath-guidance, & lots of internal BLISS ♥ ”

“I feel a release of tension and exhaustion from within that allows me to re-center myself and reconnect with my spirit.”

“Body is more flexible…fluid.  Healing is easy, as my body is free now to rebuild & repair itself without interference from me.  Life also flows much easier.  Internal peace is the “norm” now…instead of being a once-in-a-while “gift”.  This work has changed my life completely.  Wish I’d experienced it 30 years ago!!!”

“I’m getting my confidence back”

“I feel very integrated, like my head and body have connected.  They used to feel separate.  My breath is flowing everywhere + I feel grounded, centered, clear, enlivened + rejuvenated, empowered.  I feel trust in myself + more relaxed about being alive”

“I did not even realize how much tension I was holding in my body.  This is incredible.  My body’s needs for healing are finally being met!!”


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