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What is a Healing Insight? Actual Examples from Spine Divine

What is a “Healing Insight”?

Sometimes there are things that come to us while on the table, at a consult, or later, that are new and helpful. I call these “healing insights.”

As our brains reorganize the way they run our bodies, new ways of looking at ANYTHING come to the surface, spontaneously.

Healing Insights Can Be:

  • a physical sensation that arises while the doctor is holding a contact point;
  • our “Big Picture” comes together in a new way;
  • remembering something that we hadn’t thought of for years and years;
  • making a connection about an area of concern in our life or body.


Sometimes we just notice a small thing, like the way we are sitting, or the way we automatically say yes/no to something without even thinking it through, or we realize we’ve been having feelings when they gush out all of a sudden.

We have a sense of significance about it when it happens…maybe an answer to a prayer, a yearning or a question.  Not something we figured out mentally, but one that just dawns on us, seemingly from a inner or higher place.

How Can We Have More Of These?

An important part of the healing and reorganizing process is to really acknowledge these realizations, and to strongly anchor them into your new reality by speaking them, writing them, and sharing them with people on the same path.

Here are some actual healing insights that people have had while receiving NSA:

  • “Lots of rushing here and there this past weekend, but I knew I just had to take care of myself, put my health first, and rest for a few minutes, even though everyone was waiting on me.  This was new for me.”
  • “learning to let go and breathe”
  • “I was amazed when I breathed through the back of my heart and felt whole new things, like it was a forgotten place!”
  • “completely changed the way I walk”
  • “I have reduced pain in my neck and back.  I now know the pain I still have is from bending toward the computer.”
  • “I cried, relaxed, opened my mind & heart, w/renewed clarity on how blessed my healing process is”
  • “Learning to Heal Myself and Live, Yeah!”
  • “Letting go more”
  • “I was so relaxed after the last session that I didn’t even mind not getting to sleep right away, I was just having so much fun!  And then I woke up with a new song in my head!  Such a change for me.”
  • “Relief!  The pain is releasing.  I can find me”
  • “I love myself more + am more present + loving + accepting of myself.”
  • “I am better able to concentrate + work on my talents”
  • “Had a great week after returning to my passions.  No more back pain and a better outlook for life!”


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