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The Great MultiVitamin Recall

Almost every time a new client comes for a Nutritional Assessment,

they have vitamins they’ve been taking.

They want to know if they’re effective, and if they can just keep taking them,
instead of buying new ones.

I used to test them, to see if they balanced the stressed organs that showed up on my clients’ scans. Before that, I used to muscle test them on my clients to see if they were effective.

I’ve never found one single vitamin,
from a grocery store,
big box store or drug store,
that tested beneficial on a client.

That is really sad to me, because people are spending their money in good faith to get well. The brands have words like Health, Sunshine, Nature and Goodness in their title.

Many people don’t realize that almost all multivitamins are synthetic and heavily processed, isolated fractions of the vitamins they need, with all the complexes, co factors and enzymes destroyed or eliminated from the vitamin. And sometimes there are unscrupulous manufacturers who are just in it to make a profit in this $12 billion dollar industry. This is the reason it is necessary to use only professional grade supplements that have been independently tested for purity and content. These actually contain what it says on the label and in the stated strength, without any potentially harmful or useless fillers.

Vitamin C is not just Ascorbic Acid:

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In almost all cases, my vitamins are also whole food supplements. Why do we choose whole foods for our meals? The reasons are the same for vitamins…less processing chemically and mechanically, and to receive all the health giving components that Nature endowed in them, parts that the body has been found to need. The big question is, can you feel a difference when you take your current multivitamin?

Ok, now try ours.

Catalyn, our #1 Whole Food MultiVitamin and Mineral Supplement:

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This is so important,
we are offering a voluntary retail multivitamin “recall:”

  • Schedule your Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment (CNA) during August
  • Bring your retail multivitamin with you
  • We’ll replace it with Catalyn, a whole food, cold processed, complete multivitamin mineral complex, that contains over 200 different nutrients, in a concentrated (not divided) form of the foods they came from.
  • **You can also exchange your commercial multivitamin by referring a new CNA client to us, through Facebook.**

FOR THE FIRST 12 PEOPLE.               AT NO CHARGE!              YES, FREE!

And we’re offering the Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment
at the special $95 price (a $150 value),
a discount that is usually reserved for current wellness members.
***You do not have to be currently receiving Network Spinal care to participate in this August offer***

Your Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment includes state-of-the-art Zyto testing. Simply lay your hand on our hand cradle and relax to a graphic representation of the nutrition scan process on your own monitor.

  1. The Zyto Scan tests every organ, hormone and gland for stress levels; and every chemical, heavy metal, bacteria, mold, virus and parasite known to the civilized (and uncivilized) world.
  2. Then we test which of the 268 professional grade supplements are compatible with YOUR body.
  3. Zyto tests which of these compatible supplements will balance the specific stresses we found, selecting the most powerful and gentle supplements, to arrive at the fewest necessary to get you into balance.

We have saved clients thousands of dollars by eliminating the incompatible, undigestible, ineffective and unnecessary items that can really jack up a nutrition bill. My goal is always to find 3 or less supplements to get the balance you need.

Your Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment also includes:

  • Family and Personal Health History
  • Muscle Testing to prioritize multiple health conditions
  • Symptom Survey
  • Review of Recent Lab Tests (if existing)
  • Review of Your Health Goals
  • Email Report of your session, including any other lifestyle recommendations. This is a thorough report of what was out of balance, stressed, to what degree and which supplements (and how much) and activities will balance you.

We want you to be successful, so we’ve included everything you need to begin and stay with your nutrition program. We’re always available by phone or in person to answer your questions or improve your experience as you go along.

Does this sound like you, searching the internet for opinions of people
with similar sounding symptoms,
then standing in the vitamin aisle at the health food store,
trying to guess which supplement has what you need,
and wondering how much to take, and for how long?

Here’s how you do it:
To take advantage of this August only offer, go to our new Facebook page, LIKE and comment under the “The Great MultiVitamin Recall” post that you want a call from us! Here’s the link:
This will also allow you to continue to stay in touch and get updates, news, special events and discounts.

We appreciate all the people who already visited, commented and liked our previous and current facebook pages.

(If you already LIKED the new FB page, then “Thanks a Bunch, you ROCK!”  You’ll just add a quick comment, that you want a call from us, to the post for “The Great MultiVitamin Recall.”)


We love you and want the best for you and your hopes and dreams.

Please connect with us, so we can help you make your life beautiful,

Dr Kari Dianich DC




Details, Details, Details…
SUMMARY: During August, the first 12 people who sign up for a new Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment CNA, through Facebook, will receive our whole food multi in place of your unexpired multivitamin, at no cost. Secondly, you do not have to be a current Wellness Member to receive the Wellness Member discount on your CNA. This is just too important.

If for any reason your scan shows that the Catalyn whole food multivitamin I am giving is not compatible with YOU at this time (I can’t imagine, but just in case), I will credit your supplement order for that amount, so you get the vitamins that were tested and shown to be the VERY most effective for your particular situation and highest health benefit.

New Comprehensive Nutrition Assessments only. You can also participate in The Great MultiVitamin Recall by referring a new CNA client to us, through Facebook, this August!

Synthetic – formed in a lab from chemical processes, sometimes industrial byproducts
Heavily processed – heat, mechanical grinding, spinning out, and even chemical processes were used to extract specific segments of vitamins
Professional grade supplements – based on the latest research studies about what form and strength is safe and actually works. The effective nutrients can be totally absent from good plants grown in another part of the world!
Independently tested – not by the manufacturer, but by a third party with no financial interest
Purity and content – clean forms of the vitamin complex, no ineffective forms or parts of the plant of substance
Whole food supplements – contain all the vitamins, minerals and fiber that occur in them naturally
Complexes, aka CoFactors – other vitamin parts that help the vitamin work in our bodies. Without these, the body cannot use them, so it will try to strip the substance from other storage places in our body to use the isolated vitamin. And that is if we even have it stored, because it only exists in our bodies from the whole foods we have eaten. This creates a different imbalance, where it was stripped out.
Enzymes – naturally occurring substances that are present in each animal and plant source we eat, that are necessary to digest the food.
Cold processed – no heat higher than 95 degrees is used during the formulation of the product, in order to preserve the delicate vitamins, minerals, and especially the enzymes that are necessary to digest the food/supplement.
200 different nutrients found just in the carrot root portion of Catalyn, our most popular, whole food multivitamin and mineral complex supplement:
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